January Winners!!


Savannah Jordan - 1st grade

One of my goals is to be better at gymnastics

Victoria Rivera - 5th grade

My New Years Resolution is to go outdoors more, like hiking


Micah Yi

Fifth Grade

Alice Yu

My New Years resolution is to not look at a computer for more than 5 hours.  This is because I already spend 4 hours on a computer for school, so I have one extra hour. In this picture it shows what I can do with my spare time. 

Lorelai McKenzie

Ava Kieczykowski

1st grade

Penguin Love

Holidays are about spreading joy and penguins definitely bring joy.  So the holidays and penguins go together! These guys make you smile, don't they?  Happy Holidays!!

Miguel Garrard 

5th grade 

This is our home on Christmas Eve


Belle Hwang

This is the star that reminds me of a star on Christmas trees and also stars outside on the sky

Piper Hagan

Me and my brother opening presents on Christmas morning

First Grade

Logan Chavez

Rudolph is Helping Santa drop off presents

Isha Patel 

This is where Santa makes all the kids toys and this puts smiles on their faces. I hope he’s very busy this year. 

Camille Gonzalez

The Gingerbread Comes to Town Ginger. The Gingerbread comes home for the holidays to see her family in Gingerbread Land.

 Amelia Orozco 

Ginger the Baby Reindeer.

This is Ginger the Baby Reindeer who goes on a holiday adventure in Magic Land.

Arjuan Alahari 

Santa is talking with Rudolph at the North Pole. 

Alexis Estrada

A family tradition is each year we buy a ornament for my grandpa in heaven. 

Benjamin Lanzillotta  Gingerbread House This is a gingerbread house where elves live with Santa.

Jamie Kim

Christmas with Love and Family

It is on Christmas Eve, and I am playing with my family, especially with my new born sister, Joy. Joy to the world!

Second Grade

William Zhan

Santa looking at you from above

Olivia Westerlund 

Christmas Night

Third Grade

Natalia Floyd

A yummy holiday treat with fruit. I made this treat at home and painted it. Hope you like it and try it for yourself.

Aubrey Lopo

Lillian Miranda

Fourth Grade

Conner Curley

Charlene Medina

Nature's Blessings

Fifth Grade

Viviana Floyd

Grapes, strawberries and marshmallows make the perfect festive fruit kebabs to enjoy during the holidays. I enjoyed this treat so much I decided to paint it.

Alice Yu

This picture represents everyone coming together to celebrate the holidays. Humans, animals, and angels all decorate the Christmas tree and have a happy time together. 

Ethan Lopo

Lorelai McKenzie

Merry Christmas and a Happy Shiba Emu!

November Winners 

Belle Hwang - kindergarten

Alice Yu - 5th grade

This picture explains how on Thanksgiving everyone gets together and has parties with delicious feasts! This also reminds me of memories spending time with my family. 

Belle likes the color of the leave. 

This month there was a we harvest of talent. 
We have "fall"en in love with your pictures.


First Grade

Arjun Alahari 

The Thanksgiving tradition is my favorite fall time activity. 

Samantha Beld - Turkeycorn

made from perler beads

Lucy Oh 

Instead of choosing one favorite fall activity, Lucy chose to put all of them into one picture. 

Second Grade

Mikaela Gomez

I made a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, beans, and soup with chairs and plates.     

Third Grade

Wyatt Stein -

Biking in the fall through Zion National Park with my dad. 

Fifth Grade

Anabella Paniagua

Natalie Granemann

Thanksgiving Trip in the Mountains 

A forested place great for taking an afternoon stroll. 

October 2020


ArJun Alahari

Grade 1

.This is what I get in my mind whenever I think of Halloween and I see a similar image in all the books I read, on Halloween.

Natalie Granneman grade 5

 This is a scene where ghosts are going to a Halloween party, and simultaneously picking pumpkins. Some ghosts are happy, some are grumpy, it’s a free for all! 

Congratulations to our 2 winners for October and to everyone who a participated all the pictures are very "boo"tiful, spooky, and creative. 



Heidi Kraik- He has two legs and a red spiky tail and a body and a head
Piper Hagen- My Haunted Dollhouse.  My grandmother and I worked on putting this dollhouse together this summer.  We finished just in time to decorate it for Halloween.

First Grade

Isha Patel- A hungry not so spooky pumpkin

Second Grade

Lulu Garcia

Third Grade

Joel Rivera-Sans the skeleton loves Halloween!!
Elyssa Oller- This is a monster haunted house Halloween party. There are corn fields made of candy corn that have mazes. You can eat candy in the haunted house, and you can party with your friends on the front porch.